Cole Company works closely with clients, designers, trade contractors and artisans to create a truly specialized team with specific emphasis to each project.

Master Plan

Our understanding of your construction project and specific needs is critical to establishing a master plan. This plan sets the stage for all work to follow.

Feasibility Studies

Often our clients want to review options for a project to select what is best overall approach. We establish clear and concise options for each project, examine costs and logistics and develop phasing plans to meet project budgets and goals.

Site Development

The building / site relationship plays a major role in the overall approach to the projects development. Utilizing critical elements such as existing and proposed infrastructure and taking advantage of natural contours of the property and exposures to the elements will dictate many site development decisions.

Civil Engineering

Planning and design of roads, infrastructure, water and waste-water systems, storm water management and architectural design / structural engineering services for existing and / or new buildings and sites.

Structural Conditions Assessment

Our team of engineers and skilled craftsmen perform detailed assessments of the building’s architectural features and structural condition. We also provide recommendations for its repair or replacement with budget level costs. Many of these reports are performed for Not for Profit Organizations developing an overall approach to historic buildings that satisfies the Secretary of Interior Standards for Historic Preservation. These reports are then used by the organization applying for state, federal and local grants.

Code Review

Every project must adhere to the local building codes. Building codes are minimum standards and our approach is to go beyond the minimum standards while maintaining logical and cost effective decisions with regards to the code and project goals.

Building Sciences

We maintain close relationships with industry leaders and manufacturers on topics of energy, sustainability, and green building techniques. Many of our projects are designed around LEED standards utilizing sustainable materials expected to last for generations. Water management, exterior surfaces, selection of materials and energy systems are critical to how well a building will function long-term.