Construction in progress

We provide construction management and/or owner’s representation services depending on the specific needs of the client and project. As construction managers we take the lead on the day-to-day activities of each project and manage all work on behalf of the client. As Owner’s Representatives we act as a liaison between the client and the General Contractor providing valuable expertise in all aspects of the construction process.

Bid / Award Contracts

We prepare bid packages for solicitation based on the contract requirements. Public bidding regulations typically require a sealed low bid approach while private projects may utilize a combination of lump sum bids and negotiated contracts.

Construction Administration

We manage the transfer of all required documentation from contractors to designers and owners for both the technical and non-technical aspects of the contract requirements.

Labor Negotiations

Skilled labor and its availability are critical in maintaining the required quality and performance for our projects. We analyze the needs for each project and work with local trades, unions and artisans to create the ideal team for each project. While we strive to maximize the use of local trades we often need to introduce specialized contractors and artisans for specific items of work.

Safety / OSHA

Establish safety plan and approach for each project and coordinate with trades for implementation. We have OSHA certified staff members who are actively involved with the most current safety standards and requirements.

Project Controls

On client projects that request or require it, we establish controls for the submittal and approval process, contract items lists, requests for information logs, change order /change estimate logs and budget and schedule reports. Monitor and/or update reports in accordance with project requirements.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

We review Quality Assurance and Quality Control program with all team members and establish a program for all pre-qualifications, tests and reports associated with the performance and testing of labor and materials. This includes manufacturer / fabrication inspections, onsite mock ups, materials testing, procurement of long lead and specialty items and items specifically called for in design documents.

Construction Inspections

We provide trained staff to monitor, test and inspect work activities.

Construction Claims Management

We track all pending claims and work quickly and efficiently to evaluate and bring to attention of all involved with goal of minimizing impact to cost and schedules.

Insurance / Bonding

Based on project requirements, we clearly identify insurance requirements including all necessary additions, terms and modifications. We create logs and track expiration dates for each policy as well as evaluating bonding requirements on contract-by-contract basis.

Project Close Out

We establish project close out reports inclusive of all required submittals including warranties, operational and maintenance manuals, waivers of liens and As-Built documents.